Klassik Arts Story

Klassik Arts is a family owned after school run by Scripps Ranch resident Daniel and Yuju. Daniel and Yuju pursued their music studies in Dresden, Germany and both graduated with honors. During their time in Europe, they were strongly influenced by European way of teaching and they started Klassik Arts to implement how they were educated.

What Makes Us Different

  1. Our Kids Music is not a conventional music and movement program. We believe that children from age 4 can do so much more than a simple sing along and dance under right circumstances.

  2. Our Kids music classes have a goal in mind. Our major goal for our students is “Music Literacy.”

  3. What is Music Literacy? Music Literacy is much more than just reading and playing music, it also encompasses listening, playing, and performing in a group, which promotes social skills that are relevant to all forms of communication.

  4. Attaining Music Literacy in young children is certainly possible, but not simple. That is why we limit our class size to very small groups so that every single student in the class gets full attention from our instructors.