Group Piano Lessons for Kids (Ages 4 to 8)

FREE TRIAL LESSONS on Thursdays @ 3:30pm, Saturdays @ 10:15am! Contact us to RSVP!

Kids Music teaches young children (4 – 8 yrs old) the basics of music in interactive small group piano classes (up to 4 kids). The education begins with the basics of:

1.      Labeling our hands & fingers

2.       Identifying the keys on the piano and reading music by finger numbers

3.      Reading music by note names and written music notation

4.      Playing short pieces from the books

This program is not to be confused with “music and movement” activity classes offered at daycares. Our program consists of real music lessons at the piano delivered in a more affordable group class (up to 4 kids) to prep for private lessons.

  • Classes are 45 minutes each session.

  • Payment is month-to-month for $100 flat fee (Prorated at $25 per week if you sign up in middle of a month)

  • Twice a week classes are available for $175 per month. Three times a week classes are available for $225 per month.

  • Free Trial! – The best way to determine if your child will be interested in our Kids Music Program is to go ahead and give it a try! To help parents make the decision, we are happy to provide a single ONE-ON-ONE free trial lesson with no obligation.


There are 3 LEVELS in our Kids Music program: A, B, C. This is in order to make sure students are in the best environment regarding their age and their capabilities within the class. 

  • Level A (4 to 5 years old, no experience): Kids Music A classes involve rhythmic activities and focus on note learning to help develop performance skills in preparation for level B.

  • Level B (5 to 6 years old, little to no experience): Kids Music B classes focus on independent note reading and introduces students to learn how to play short pieces.

  • Level C (6 to 8 years old, little or some experience): Kids Music C classes are performance-based and helps students prepare for future transition into private lessons.

New students are assessed ONE-ON-ONE during the trial lesson and arranged into the classes according to their age, experience, and their ability to go through the material provided during the trial lesson. CONTACT US to schedule for a free trial lesson.

  • Kids Music Class Schedule (45min sessions)

    • Level A

      • Thursdays 4:30pm

      • Fridays 3:30pm

      • Saturdays 10:30am(Currently Full)

    • Level B

      • Tuesdays 4:30pm

      • Thursdays 3:30pm(Currently Full)

      • Fridays 5:30pm

      • Saturdays 11:30am

    • Level C

      • Tuesdays 3:30pm

      • Wednesdays 4:30pm

      • Fridays 4:30pm

      • Saturdays 9:30am

Kids Music vs. Private Lessons:

Private lessons traditionally warrant a certain level of responsibility that is placed on the student (such as practice, progress, & performance).

Kids Music is intended to let young kids engage in real music lessons while being free of teacher and parent expectations being forced on them and to allow parents a more affordable option for exploring music lessons for their young children.         

Angie Sung/Office Director

Angie Sung/Office Director

Angie Sung, an Elementary Education major, brings her passion for children's education and music to Klassik Arts. She is responsible for the weekly trials at Klassik Arts as well as liaison for all the class scheduling needs.

She believes that both Music and Art education play a crucial role in developing firm foundation for children.

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