Q:  "So, What is "Kids Music" Exactly?"

A:    Kids Music is our offer to parents to give their child primer level piano lessons at a significantly discounted rate as compared to private piano lessons.  We want to give you, the parent, a break on the expense incurred while giving your young child the chance to experiment with piano lessons.   The classes are taught in small groups of up to 3 kids.  It's currently not uncommon to have a single student signed up for a class for a while, until another child of the same age and/or ability is able to make it to that regularly scheduled time as well.  The only restrictions for enjoying the discount that our "Kids Music" program has to offer is that your child must be between 4 and 6yrs old when signing up. 


Q:    "How long can (or should) my child be in Kids Music before taking private lessons?"

A:  Depending on what age and ability they start at a child may need anywhere from six months or up to a year or more to complete the primer level education. You can continue to receive the discounted rate well into their 7th year up until they complete the primer level.  


Q:     "How many kids are in each class?"

These classes are intended as "small group" classes of two to three students, but depending on the ages and abilities of the kids in our program at a given time a child may be the only student in a class occasionally.

Currently, most classes have just 1 or 2 students enrolled in them, and we limit our class size to 3 kids in order to maintain successful levels of student and teacher interaction.  Our program is a great deal for nearly one-on-one piano instruction.  '


Q:     "Would my 6 yr old be paired up with a 4yr old? "

A:  No, we group the students together in three levels based on age / ability and prior experience.  When enrolling a new student we first look to see if an already open class would be a good fit for the student, if not or if the scheduling is not convenient then we look to open a new class for the new student, with the intent of adding additional students to it when we can. 

We have three basic "levels" that we categorize the kids into to help us pair them up appropriately.   Attending a Free Trial is not just a benefit for you as you consider if you'd like to participate in our program, it is also necessary so we can correctly access which of our current classes your child would be able to join.

  • Mozart: for the 4 year olds and younger 5 year olds who need help with the basics of knowing left from right, learning their finger numbers, and extra work on the physical challenges of playing the keys and two hand coordination. 
    • Class materials: My First Piano Adventure: lesson book A and writing book A


  • Beethoven: for the slightly older and more physically adept 5 and 6 year olds who can move through the basics of labeling hands, fingers, note names of the keys, have an easier time playing the keys of the piano, and can therefore dive into the material at a faster pace. 
    • Class materials:  My First Piano Adventure: lesson books A & B, and writing books A & B


  • Chopin: the final stage of the primer level education, for Kids that have already completed My First Piano Adventure levels A&B, which involves more advanced music reading and prepares the child for moving into private lessons. Class materials:
    • My First Piano Adventure: lesson book C and writing book C 


Q:   Do I need a piano in the home for my child to participate in Kids Music?

No, practicing during the week is not a requirement to participate in our program.... but a child will certainly progress faster if they do practice during the week.   Students play on our pianos and high quality digital pianos in the studio during the lessons.  


Q:   If I decide to get a keyboard, which one should I get?

The main issue is to have a keyboard or piano that has 61+ keys and is compatible with a sustain pedal (also known as a damper pedal).  A typical keyboard (or cheap digital piano) in the $100 price range is fine for this early stage.   You do not need to have a piano or keyboard in the home for your child to participate in our program. 

In our studio we use 88-key digital pianos that have "hammer weighted keys" and feel like real pianos, as well as real acoustic pianos. 


Q:  Sounds interesting, anything else I should know?

A:  The entire focus of Kids Music is to prepare the child for a successful transition into private lessons.  To make the jump up to the private lessons rate an easier transition for the parents we are offering a 10% discount on the students first 6 months of private lessons at Klassik Arts for students who enroll in Kids Music for a minimum of 2 months.

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