MUSIC THEORY Lessons in San Diego

Private Lesson Music Theory Tutoring is available to all students. We offer music theory classes for all levels of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit testing and the College Board AP Music Theory exam.  The majority of our participating students pass the CM exam with a 90% or better score.


Certificate of Merit (CM)

Our students are encouraged to participate in the annual Certificate of Merit music performance and theory evaluations.  The exam offers the student the opportunity to prove their skills and makes the student prepared to succeed in an AP music theory course.   Our small group theory CM classes are held in October/November, and Jan/Feb, with the exams being held in late Feb and March.

Certificate of Merit Group Classes are 60 minutes.  

* CURRENTLY FULL(Classes available next season)



AP Music Theory

Middle and high school students that have completed high levels of the Certificate of Merit exam are encouraged to further their music theory education and take the AP Music Theory exam for the purpose of achieving a thorough understanding of music as well as enhancing their college application.  Our one-on-one instruction and tutoring sets the student up for success on what is considered by many to be the most challenging AP exam of them all!