SAMPLE art projects and lessons

DRAW: exploration of lines, shapes, and shades

Lesson 1 introduction to drawing and shading

Lesson 2 color pencils drawing

COLORS: learn different hues

Lesson 3 oil pastel project

Lesson 4 construction paper project

PAINT: watercolor beginner technique

Lesson 5 watercolor exploration

Lesson 6 watercolor painting project




COLLAGE: paper constructions

Lesson 7 flat simple collage

Lesson 8 color paper constructions

 Color paper constructions

Color paper constructions


DRAW: develop drawing skills from observation

Lesson 9 perspective project

Lesson 10 still life

PAINT: acrylic beginner technique

Lesson 11 simple acrylic painting

Lesson 12 nature painting

PAINT: abstract and shapes and colors

Lesson 13 abstract watercolor

Lesson 14 abstract acrylic representation

COLORS: express and explore with colors

Lesson 15 pointillism painting

Lesson 16 color expression

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